About us

Social Democratic Party „Concord” was founded in 2010 as the merger of the National Harmony Party with New Centre and the Social Democratic Party. A bit later, in 2011 The Daugavpils City Party merged into the party. Since party was founded  it was lead by Jānis Urbanovičs and Nils Ušakovs.

Democracy, the rule of law and human rights are the major policy principles of "Concord", which it is consistently putting into practice. “Concord” also stimulates business as it creates jobs and provides state tax and fee payments, contributes to the development of society and increase in the quality of life of the population.

The main value of “Concord” is the person. This means equal respect for all people, regardless of their financial status, gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, language or political opinion. Human rights are a key mechanism for implementation of this principle in practice, therefore  "Concord" will make every effort both on the national and international levels to ensure effective protection of human rights in Latvia.

Every next Parliament elections brought better results and more seats in Saeima. For now „Concord” not only has largest faction in Parliament, but also is largest party in Latvia.

Election results

 ElectionsParty Year Seats
 6th Saeima National Harmony Party
 1995. 6 
 7th Saeima
 National Harmony Party
 1998. 16
 9th Saeima
 Concord Centre
 2006. 17
 10th Saeima
 Concord Centre
 2010. 29
 11th Saeima
Concord Centre
 2011. 31
 12th Saeima Concord 2014. 24